A styling contest with a special testimonial.
Calgon, Vanish and Whirlpool asked us to create a web-based experience to boost their database building and to bring likes to their different Facebook pages.
Starting Point
Women have a natural bonding to clothes and for them they want a long lasting life becase they can’t buy new clothes every day.
A fashion contest, presented by Carla Gozzi, the famos italian stylist, where style and care of the clothes become inseparable concepts. Three missions. An outfit configurator. A small unforeseen: some clothes are dirty and, if they want to use them, they must like the brand’s Facebook pages.
130.000 website views, 12.000 registrations. (Requested KPI: 25.000 website views, 6.000 registrations). 15.000 new Facebook fans, 145.000 Youtube views. Website average view: 7 minutes.

  • Type: Agency Work
  • My Role: Concept, Art Direction
  • Client: Reckitt Benckiser
  • Year: 2013
  • Agency: FCB Milan