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Creative & Art Director, Videomaker, Photographer.


50 Words For Rain

Dare for Rare

Palazzo Falconi

Looking Forward


What is Digical for you? (coming soon)

Digical Story (coming soon)

Ferwood Website (coming soon)

Ferwood Virtual Tour (coming soon)

Ferwood Live Demo (coming soon)

Alien Attack (coming soon)

Godetevi l’attesa (coming soon)

Lung Tales (coming soon)

F.lli Cerea for Elisenda (coming soon)

Hello World Manifesto (coming soon)

Moms Don’t Quit (coming soon)

Member Get Member (coming soon)

Skin Regimen Manifesto (coming soon)

Nivea Good Night (coming soon)

Slide your way (coming soon)

The Best Moment of the Game (coming soon)

Aquilea Sonno (coming soon)

Mc Donald’s Website (coming soon)

Shope (coming soon)

A Case Film Like This (coming soon)

Ferrero Boutique (coming soon)

Expo 2015 (coming soon)

Artemide Website (coming soon)

SkySport for iPad (coming soon)

Alitalia Website (coming soon)

Random Facts About New York (coming soon)

Nivea Men Bar Sport (coming soon)

Sguardi d’Energia (coming soon)

Style & Care (coming soon)